Dover Doula Postpartum Doula Support services can last anywhere from one or two visits to more than three months.  And anything in between!  Contact me to discuss your individual needs.


Coming Home Package                                                                                             DSC_0185

Six four hour postpartum doula visits after baby arrives

One one-hour visit before baby arrives

Price: $820

Deposit: $220

Balance:  $300 due at the end of each of the first 2 weeks

“I had many troubles with breastfeeding; Darcy offered advice and reassurance along with encouragement and support (which I definitely needed)! Just to have her hold our son so I could shower or take a nap was a huge help. She is very easy to talk to and as a mom herself, has been there and understands a new mom’s fatigue, anxieties, and the other hundreds of emotions that are overwhelming with a newborn.” -B.G. Dover, NH


Babymoon PackageDSC_0175

Twelve four hour postpartum doula visits after baby arrives

One one-hour visit before baby arrives

One 2o minute visit while you are still at the hospital

Price:  $1,750

Deposit: $350

Balance:  $350 due at the end of each of the first 4 weeks

“I would highly recommend utilizing Dover Doula’s services. I tried to go it alone for the first 3 weeks with my newborn, and only around week 4 did I have Darcy come to my home. It was a huge help! Having Darcy come to my home was not only helpful for my immediate needs, but also for the long term care of my baby. Initially she gave me some relief by watching my little guy so that I could get rest. She also helped with some household basics, such as folding laundry, or doing dishes, but the advice and tips she gave me about newborn care have carried me through to month 3! She gave me lactation instruction, advice about newborn sleep patterns, feeding, and more. I continue to use many of her tips and have found that they make a difference in the every day care of my baby. Don’t second guess yourself– hire Darcy! Even if it’s just for one day, it’s worth the $$.” M.C. Durham, NH

One Time Visit Gift Package

The perfect baby shower gift for the mom-to-be in your life!  Also great for new moms who have help, but need a one time visit to ask questions or just take a nap!

One four hour postpartum doula visit

Price: $140take care of mom

Witching Hour Package

Is evening and bedtime the hardest part of the day for you?  Having an experienced, nonjudgemental extra set of hands around during the witching hour can be a lifesaver.

Get hands-on help with dinner, bath time and bedtime for your little ones.

One four hour postpartum doula visit from 5pm-9pm

Price: $140


Overnight Support

Will everything be better if you could just get one night (or more!) of sleep?  Erika is available for overnight postpartum doula support on Fridays or Saturdays from 8pm to 6am.

Erika will either do bottle feedings or bring the baby to you when s/he is ready to nurse.  Erika will handle all diaper changes, soothing, etc. so that you can get the maximum amount of sleep as possible!

Price: $350


New Parent Bootcamp Package

Are you home with a new baby and wishing you paid more attention in your childbirth ed classes?  Too tired to read all the books?  Have Dover Doula come for one personalized, intensive visit in your home. This short visit is your chance to have all your newborn care, feeding and sleeping questions answered by a non-judgmental professional.  I’m not here to push a certain parenting style, but to answer YOUR questions and help you find your own style.

Two packed hours for $100 – the perfect gift for any new mother!


Contact me to create the perfect package for your needs.

Postpartum Doula Packages make great gifts for moms-to-be!

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