Local moms in Dover and Portsmouth, NH and Southern Maine are talking about Dover Doula!  Read what some of Dover Doula’s clients say:

 “Darcy’s just about the nicest, least judgmental woman you’ll ever meet, so you won’t feel weird welcoming her into your home in your yoga pants and T shirt covered in spitup.”  Nicole, South Berwick, ME


Dover Doula“I can’t begin to explain how invaluable Dover Doula has been.  There is nothing that can prepare you for the life change that occurs when your baby actually enters the world.  Darcy is a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of motherhood:  from breastfeeding support, to techniques for calming a fussy baby, to helping Mom get back on her feet physically and emotionally.  Darcy provides the amazing gift of supporting new moms in a gentle and unassuming way during such a fragile time for Mom and baby.  Using Dover Doula was definitely the best postpartum investment for myself and my baby!  I highly recommend Dover Doula to any new mom!”  Cassie, Dover, NH

Dover Doula

“Dover Doula was an absolute GODSEND! Darcy was so knowledgeable, validating, patient, and kind when we REALLY, really needed it. When she first came to help us, she provided tons of information and also connected us to area resources that we didn’t even know existed. She answered all of our questions about our baby’s sleeping and eating patterns, helped us get some sleep ourselves, and listened to all of our concerns and worries. She also helped us learn to take care of ourselves, too, in the midst of a very wonderful (but tiring and stressful) time in our lives.  My friends and family call her the baby whisperer!

It is also worth noting that Darcy is extremely sensitive to the state that new moms are in. I definitely emailed or called her in moments of desperation, and she was always willing to listen and extend her expertise. She has been an amazing part of our parenting experience, and we would recommend her extremely highly to anyone!”  Lisa,  Eliot, ME

DSC_0181“I think the greatest gift Darcy gave me was confidence in my abilities as a mother.  I highly recommend Dover Doula services for any new mother.  Her very knowledgeable, practical, and supportive approach really helps calm your anxieties!”  Marguerite, Dover, NH

 Dover Doula“Darcy is fantastic! As a mother of three, she understands the challenges of having children and offers a great deal of advice from her own experience. Her calming presence and good humor made her a pleasure to work with.  She was great with my older children, who loved having her around and were sad to see her leave.I would highly recommend Dover Doula as a postpartum doula for any family!” Jennifer, South Berwick, ME


I had many troubles with breastfeeding; Darcy offered advice and reassurance along with encouragement and support (which I definitely needed)!  Just to have her hold our son so I could shower or take a nap was a huge help. She is very easy to talk to and as a mom herself, has been there and understands a new mom’s fatigue, anxieties, and the other hundreds of emotions that are overwhelming with a newborn.”   B.G., Dover, NH

amandaDarcy truly made my postpartum experience blissful.  She took amazing care of me, which helped enable me to truly live presently and enjoy bonding with my little man. Darcy got groceries, did laundry, cooked dinner, and left my kitchen tidy. Additionally, she empowered me to care for my son by teaching me newborn care skills such as cutting his nails, nursing him in different positions, and how to give him a bath.  Most importantly, she instilled in me confidence. Through my time working with her, I’ve learned to increasingly trust my parental instincts.  As a result, my journey as a mama has been magical. Words really can’t communicate the depth of my gratitude towards Darcy. The postpartum period is fleeting. I’m so happy that hired Darcy. Having her really allowed me to focus on nurturing myself and newborn baby. I will always remember the postpartum period as an amazing chapter in my life – I credit Darcy with this.”  Amanda, Portsmouth, NH